May Promotion: Try Our S&E Program!

promo bagCome stay with us this month and try our Socialize and Exercise program! If you decide to purchase an hour of our S&E Program, we’ll give you our complimentary “Wag Bag” at no charge!

Inside you’ll find:

A Custom Embroidered TDHK Leash
A Tail-Waggingly Cute, All-Purpose Hook
A Fun and Fetching Tennis Ball
and Doggie Waste Bags!

About the Socialize and Exercise Program

We believe that a happy dog is well exercised and socialized! With the S&E program, your dog will be exercised and socialized for as many days as you choose to participate throughout the duration of their visit. It is our discretion to match one other suitable S&E dog as your pet’s companion throughout their program time.

Our program runs from 10:30am-2:30pm when the kennel’s operational hours are closed. During this time your dog will have our close and undivided attention. Our property will be calm and serene to enjoy without stress or unease to your pet.

Your dog will benefit from skills taught in our S&E program:

  • They will practice on-lead walking which is invaluable for owners who want to peacefully walk their dog without tugging and pulling.
  • Basic commands will be given and abided by to ensure that your pet goes home with the manners with which they came.
  • Socializing practice prepares your pet for trouble-free and composed experiences with other dogs and people.
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