Spotlight on: Meet Benjamin and Levi!


To ring in the 2014 New Year, we bring you a very special, affectionate, and humorous pair of canine companions from a very special home near the South Branch of the Raritan River!

Benjamin (7yr old Golden Retriever) and Levi (5yr old Goldendoodle) are two very adored and incredibly loved pups who have been ‘brothers from another mother’ since 2008. This athletic doggie duo will take you for a wild ride through the backwoods of New Jersey, through the rivers and streams, and around every public park and hiking trail they can lay their paws on! Watch out everyone, Ben and Levi are out on the town!

Their mom takes them for daily early morning daily walks and jogs in all weather conditions- what fun!  They love and enjoy every minute of their exercise time, and afterwards they settle into the home office where they are able to spend additional time with their favorite parents through the week. How lucky for the both of them!


Walking on nearby country roads in Chester and Flanders, sometimes on the Columbia Trail, and parks in Netcong is such a special time for them. They know their cue- as soon as mom has that second cup of coffee, its a stare-off with her until she grabs the leashes to hit the road!  On the weekends they take longer walks in the woods, especially in winter where the boys frolic and jump in the mounds of snow. They are so full of life and expression- just two happy boys who are living a great life together with their family.

The boys love the outdoors, but also enjoy relaxing by the warm fire in winter (especially Ben). As much as Ben loves the cold and snow, he also loves a warm fire.  In the Spring and Summer, both of them will cool off and play ball in the South Branch of the Raritan River.

Ben and Levi are such sweet and gentle boys, and we love having them stay with us at The Dog House Kennel! They are such a great family, and we appreciate all the years of fun and affection they have shared with us! Thank you for being a part of our DHK family! Big hugs for the New Year!DSC01239 photo 3 DSC00554 DSC01237

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