Play Care – Daycare


“Happy Tails Play Care” is our own spin on “doggie daycare.” We maximize safety and attention given to your special companion, while letting them burn off extra energy, meet new acquaintances, and learn new tricks! Play time is always supervised, and in groups of less than 4.


Why keep your dog home alone and uninspired when they could be at Play Care? Drop your dog off before work and check out before 6pm to receive a full day of socializing and fun! Man’s Best Friend gets a bunch of supervised playtime and fresh air while fitting into the convenience of your schedule.

Activities include:

  • Individual aquatic play is available during hot summer months, at no extra charge!
  • One-on-one vs. group  interaction is always available. Just ask!
  • Fetch, frisbee and on-lead walking to expend extra energy and invigorate the senses.
  • Walk, run or hike around our beautiful property to maximize health and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.

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