At-Home Care

There are many reasons to choose our At-Home Care services. With at-home care, The Dog House Kennel offers more flexibility, convenience, and provides your pet’s natural atmosphere, all while fitting into your schedule and your needs! It is a great experience for everyone, and most of all, your pets!

We currently offer:


Home Visitation for Walking and Exercise
For daily walking and exercising during your busy work week. We put a major emphasis on exercise, bathroom breaks and cleanup so you don’t worry for a single minute that your best friend may be cooped up in the house for too long!

Looking for “doggie daycare?” Check out our own Happy Tails Play Care!

At-Home Care
Think at-home pet sitting, with lots of extras while you are away for an extended time period! Let’s get together and talk about the needs of your pets, and what you wish for them while you are away. Together we will determine how many visits to your home per day, and arrange a schedule that you feel necessary for your special friends.

Every household is different, but in general, a consultation at your home is first priority. Schedule and duration of care, safety precautions, general at-home tasks, and a brief assessment to see if your canine will allow entry into your home will be determined at this time.

  • Do you have more pets, other than cats and dogs, that need at-home care as well? No problem! We are more than comfortable providing excellent, professional care to your other small pets and farm animals! We’ve had and cared for a lot of different pets over the years, – chickens, ferrets, iguanas, rabbits, birds, sheep, goats, pigs, cows… you name it! Just ask!