Who Rescued Who? Meet Wyatt!

WyattOur April spotlight showcases “Why Not Wyatt,” the German Shorthair who points at birds, a pile of sticks, a Prius, and everything in between!

Wyatt was adopted by Kate and John back in 2010 when they heard his heartbreaking tale. Wyatt’s owner became ill and shortly thereafter, passed away. While the husband tried very hard to take care of Wyatt, the memory of his wife training him for Field Trials, and taking him wherever she went took an emotional strain on his ability to care for the elderly pup. Grieving, the husband gave Wyatt to another home. Even then, Wyatt could not stay long in the 2nd home, as the  couple realized he was high energy and not suited as a “house dog.”  Having a new baby in the house, the couple started searching for new parents for Wyatt. If they didn’t find one soon, Wyatt would be euthanized.

wyatt2When Kate and John heard Wyatt’s story, they drove over to meet him and to see what kind of disposition he had. Well, John took to Wyatt like a bee to honey, and Kate didn’t get a word in edgewise. With a clip to the collar, Wyatt was brought back to Bethlehem Township. He can often be seen hiking with his pal Annie. While Wyatt may not be the brightest crayon in the box, he is  a sweet and gentle old soul. Also known as the 75lbs steam-roller, Wyatt’s daily activities include chasing soccer balls and playing with the neighbor’s blonde Lab. He is a sweet  old pup, and will live out his dog days over in Hampton on plush dog beds and a loving home.

We have a Web site!

Stanley Hay MacQueen


Many of our faithful clients always ask, “Why don’t you have a Web site?” and most of the time, we don’t have a justified response. Let’s be honest here. We have always felt that the best form of advertisement is a great referral from one of our current clients. However, keeping up with the times, and our desire to exceed the expectations of our guests, we have launched the first version of the official The Dog House Kennel Web site!

After many revisions, and many long-term business decisions later, we finally have a Web site! Take a look around!

  • Always look in the “What’s New” section to find all our latest events happening at TDH Kennel.
  • Explore our “Play” and “Pamper” sections and treat your pup to our exceptional, extra services.
  • Use Google Maps on the “Contact Us” page to get your personalized directions right to our doorstep!
  • Write us an email to reserve your next appointment, or to correspond with our friendly staff.

There is so much more to come, so keep checking back with us! We have many exciting things planned, and fun activities to host for our furry, four-pawed friends.

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