Spotlight on: Meet Daisy!

ImageMeet Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier who could run laps around even the fastest Olympic runner! She has been visiting The Dog House Kennel for several years, and we are honored to feature her for August’s “spotlight!”

Daisy loves working in the yard with her “Mr,”  and if anything moves, like a true terrier, she is on its trail! Reflections and flashlight beams are no match for her; there was even a  time when she caught a squirrel IN THE HOUSE!  Cyclists riding past her house think there are two dogs since she can go from one end of the property to the other faster than they can!

Daisy’s family has a stream on the property and if Mr. skips rocks across the water, she’ll dive in to fetch them.  She loves cooling off after a hot day working in the yard and keeping it clear of anything that moves.  Daisy also helps “the girls” rise and shine for the day as instructed.


daisy2ImageWhen the family leaves town, Daisy stays at The Dog House Kennel.  She enjoys her time with Mildred and walks in the yard with Larry are a major highlight.  Daisy adores Larry and thinks he is a big softie.

When Daisy’s family is gone for a long day, Mildred also visits Daisy at her own house for some walking and exercise! A nice playful jaunt around the property, lunch and some tender affection are just what Daisy needs while her family is away.

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