June Promotion: “Take a Hike!” with Angus!

Take a Hike! with Angus

Oh, Angus! Where should we take our friends this month!?

For the month of June, we are featuring our “Take a Hike!” with Angus program to emphasize outdoor fun with our family and friends.
*Purchase a “Take a Hike!” with Angus trip, and receive our “Wag Bag” for free!*

Inside you’ll find:
A Copy of “Hiking NJ Trails — Hunterdon County & Beyond,” by Alice Oldford
A Custom Embroidered TDHK Leash
A Tail-Waggingly Cute, All-Purpose Hook
A Fun and Fetching Tennis Ball
and Doggie Waste Bags!

About Our “Take a Hike!” with Angus Program

At The Dog House Kennel, we believe in giving back to our community while enjoying the beauty and benefits! Let’s get outside and back to nature! When you participate in “Take a Hike! with Angus,” we will take your canine pal with us to one of many well kept, preserved lands, and spacious parks that New Jersey provides to the public and its pooches. Your best companion will be treated to the thrill of open fields, winding paths, hiking through valleys and rolling hills, and indulge in nature’s best remedy: invirorating fresh air and sunshine. The best part? At the end of the outdoor season, The Dog House Kennel will donate all proceeds to a special NJ  park, preserved space or local land that welcomes our furry four-pawed friends.

Click Here to view our very own “Trails for Tails” map of the hikes we have already taken!

Monthly Giveaway: Hiking NJ Trails – Hunterdon County & Beyond

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Oops! Better late than never!

This posting comes a little late, however we are giving away a copy of “Hiking NJ Trails — Hunterdon County & Beyond: You Can Get There From Here Too,” by Alice Oldford for the month of June!

Each winner will receive a free copy of the book, as well as a FREE “Take a Hike!” with Angus trip!  Woo hoo! Stop by the kennel and add your name to the drawing! Let’s get outside and play!

Click Here to read more about our “Take a Hike!” program.

An excerpt from the book:

“Are you eager to embrace the outdoors and what Mother Nature has to offer, get your family involved or perhaps learn some local history? You can find what you need in Hunterdon and the surrounding Counties. Check out Taylor Steelworkers Historic Greenway in High Bridge, a wonderful source of history dating to the Revolutionary War. For an environmental lesson, try Merrill Creek Reservoir in Washington Township, Warren County. Enjoy a family picnic in the shade along the Black River at Hacklebarney State Park, Chester Township, Morris County. Beauty and serenity are available right here in New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the United States. “

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