Happy Friday! Some dog humor for you…

"My name is Missy. I am a hoarder. I have been a hoarder for 2 1/2 years. If Mom had not moved the couch, I would still be hoarding."

“My name is Missy. I am a hoarder. I have been a hoarder for 2 1/2 years. If Mom had not moved the couch, I would still be hoarding.”

Happy Friday everyone! I was cruising around Pinterest today for some new fall dinner recipes to try … when I discovered (pin, upon pin, upon pin to all different random pin boards… SO addicting!) some delightful doggy humor!

Next time your beloved pooch gets in trouble  for something, refrain from excessive yelling and try to remember that they are NOT human. Even us humans are far from perfect! Try to see the humor in their ridiculous antics as these Pinterest pinners did in this board, “Dog Shame.”   You can just tell from some of these sweet faces that they are absolutely miserable that they made a mistake, or that they are not sorry, and more intrigued  to try it again!

Check it out and have a good laugh or two 🙂 “Dog Shame.” 

– Mildred

A Family Tradition

ImageTake a look at some great vintage photos of The Dog House Kennel and Hunterdon County, NJ!

Beginning in the 1930’s, explore the culture and scenery of a bygone (but sorely missed) era of canine Field Trial and hunting traditions.

To view the Photo Gallery: Click Here

To visit the web site and view links to archived Sports Illustrated articles that feature the Lawrence and Stanley MacQueen: Click Here

September Book Giveaway: “A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends”

ImageNext time you visit us in September at TDHK, make sure to drop your name into our monthly drawing  for A Letter to My Dog, by Kimi Culp, Lisa Erspamer and Robin Layton. It is a heartwarming book featuring stunning photographs and deeply personal letters written by a variety of dog lovers to their beloved, four-legged friends. This special collection of touching letters and magnificent portraits is a celebration of the loyalty and unconditional love we have for our precious pups.

Click Here to view the most recently submitted letters. Trust us, you will really enjoy this! But have a tissue on hand just in case…


This book includes letters from: Oprah Winfrey, Tony Bennett, Kristin Chenoweth, Fran Drescher, Hilary Duff, Chelsea Handler, Mariel Hemingway, Tyler Perry, Maria Menounos, Cynthia McFadden, Robin Roberts, Willow Smith, Michael Vartan and more.

Click Here to view the “A Letter to My Dog” web site which highlights additional stories and personal letters. 

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