Spotlight on: Meet Dylan!

photoMeet Dylan, a handsome and youthful  black and white Springer Spaniel! He comes for a visit to The Dog House Kennel twice weekly as part of the S&E Program to brush up on his on-lead walking and socialization skills. Since Dylan is newer to his household, and his elder canine pals aren’t used to his exuberant energy, it’s helpful that he has a place to burn off some extra enthusiasm outside of the home! Angus loves to have the extra companionship on these hourly get-togethers!

In the picture to the left, Dylan is enjoying the cool, running water of a stream located in the back of our property. Don’t worry, we washed his paws off before he left for home… No dirty paws on our watch!

Dylan has a wonderful home in Oldwick, NJ and John and Phyllis are lucky to have this jovial pup in their lives. We’ll see you again soon, Dylan!

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