Spotlight on: Ronnie and Dixie!

ronnie_dixieMeet Ronnie and Dixie! Our first spotlight feature on one of our favorite doggy duos who have been welcome additions to The Dog House Kennel community since 2006.

Ronnie, a handsome chocolate Labrador, and Dixie, a spitfire Norwich Terrier, have been best pals ever since they were puppies. Raised in a loving household of 5 in the backwoods of Chester Township, they enjoy playing with children, hiking through Hacklebarney State Park, and taking cool baths in the great Black River .

Ron and Dix are well adjusted to car rides between New York City and their home. They love to travel with their family! However, sometimes they cannot sleep in the same places as their owners, so they require a few nights stay with their “home away from home,” The Dog House Kennel. Here, they are treated to lots of attention and ┬átake part in our S&E Program, taking daily walks and playing around our relaxing property.

Ronnie and Dixie have been an absolute pleasure to have stay with us, and their wagging tails and gentle nuzzles are always welcome. They are wonderful friends, and we wish them good health and happy tails!

We have a Web site!

Stanley Hay MacQueen


Many of our faithful clients always ask, “Why don’t you have a Web site?” and most of the time, we don’t have a justified response. Let’s be honest here. We have always felt that the best form of advertisement is a great referral from one of our current clients. However, keeping up with the times, and our desire to exceed the expectations of our guests, we have launched the first version of the official The Dog House Kennel Web site!

After many revisions, and many long-term business decisions later, we finally have a Web site! Take a look around!

  • Always look in the “What’s New” section to find all our latest events happening at TDH Kennel.
  • Explore our “Play” and “Pamper” sections and treat your pup to our exceptional, extra services.
  • Use Google Maps on the “Contact Us” page to get your personalized directions right to our doorstep!
  • Write us an email to reserve your next appointment, or to correspond with our friendly staff.

There is so much more to come, so keep checking back with us! We have many exciting things planned, and fun activities to host for our furry, four-pawed friends.

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