Giving More: St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

paw.jpgLike most people who love animals, we have a big heart when it comes to helping animals in need. That’s why The Dog House Kennel supports St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center to find loving homes for dogs, cats and small animals alike. We strongly believe that every animal companion deserves to be treated with kindness, with compassion and respect, and to be given the opportunity to love and receive love unconditionally.

Established since 1939, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center (St. Hubert’s Giralda, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. Its services the community with pet adoption and animal rescue, animal assisted therapy, humane education, dog training, and pet loss support. The center operates animal shelters in Madison and North Branch, NJ and a Dog Training and Behavior School in Madison, NJ.

If you are considering adopting a pet, or perhaps volunteering your time to help animals in need, consider St. Hubert’s first! We have adopted several kittens and they have lived full and happy lives here at The Dog House Kennel. While our favorite feline pair, Maverick and Goose, have passed on from this lifetime, they remain in our hearts as a special addition to our home and our lives.

Click Here to visit the St. Hubert’s official web site.

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